Intelligent Building

KNYMH is committed to designing intelligent buildings, by incorporating and exploring a full range of possibilities, current design innovations, technologies and processes. We implement the best practices and solutions to achieve our Client's goals.

The development of an intelligent building starts with early planning in the design stage. Our design process allows us to reduce the building's environmental impact, while improving human and environmental health through:

  • Sustainable site planning
  • Safeguarding water and water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Conservation and local materials selection
  • Improved indoor environmental quality

The results from implementing these technologies and processes are intelligent buildings that cost less to operate and are worth more to their occupants.

For projects that are owner occupied, such as corporate, government, and institutions, the benefits of an intelligent building provide an immediate return on investment in terms of higher employee productivity and reduced operating expenses.

For commercial developments, these projects are expected to result in above market rents, improved retention, higher occupancy rates, and lower operating expenses.

Intelligent buildings are designed for long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact through the selection of recycled and recyclable materials, construction, maintenance and operations procedures. Providing the ability to integrate building controls, optimize operations, and enterprise level management results in a significant enhancement in energy efficiency, lowering both cost and energy usage compared to non-intelligent projects.

All around, this is a win - win - win solution!

What We Do

We partner to provide solutions through expertise, creativity and insight to build on our client visions through innovative architecture that optimizes their potential.

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