A Brief History

KNYMH Inc, is a dynamic, diverse and evolving professional organization with a long history of servicing clients in Southern Ontario dating back to 1957.

In June of 1957, William E. Wall and Robert S. Yamamoto, established, Wall & Yamamoto Architects. In May of 1958, Donald H. Mathews joined the partnership and the firm was renamed Wall, Yamamoto and Mathews, until December 1965.

Wall & Yamamoto Architects continued the partnership until 1975 and established itself as innovators in the design of civic and cultural facilities, schools, churches, research, medical and commercial facilities, for a variety of private and corporate clients.

Robert S. Yamamoto established a private practice in 1975 at which time Myron Karp and Stephan Namisniak, working as students and later as young graduates, established a friendship and professional relationship with Robert Yamamoto that would eventually allow the history of the founding firm to grow and continue.

In 1991 Mr. Yamamoto retired after 35 years in practice. In March of 1991 the firm, Karp Namisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc. was established to continue the history. Myron and Stephan have carried on the company's reputation for exceptional service since then. Servicing a wide range of Clients through Architecture, planning, interiors and project management, KNY made a name for itself in Southern Ontario.

In March of 2016 KNYMH Inc. was established to continue the history. Today, Przemyslaw Myszkowski and Wayne Harrison provide the leadership for growth for the firm, providing managing techniques which are a balance between architecture, planning, environmental awareness and community involvement. We continue to grow and diversify, meeting the challenges of change by maintaining and securing talented people, insisting on lifelong learning, employing sophisticated technology throughout all aspects of our practice, and responding to the basic expectations of the Industry, the Authorities and that of Client Services and Values.

We continue to collaborate with public and private sector clients, developers, building owners, managers, and construction professionals. All sectors have different approaches to solutions which are driven by need, technology and economics. Foremost, we believe that effective communication and collaboration with clients and consultants for the good of the community creates a successful, balanced, satisfying and distinctive architectural solution. We are your partners in driving excellence and realizing a vision.

What We Do

We partner to provide solutions through expertise, creativity and insight to build on our client visions through innovative architecture that optimizes their potential.

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