Residential - High Rise
1187 West 5th

1187 West 5th is comprised of — 10 storeys — and 215 units.
Address: 1187 West 5th, Hamilton, ON
Client: Valvasori Properties
This site offers opportunity to locate the massing against the southerly property line adjacent the existing commercial uses while transitioning to the low-rise town homes to the north and respecting the angular plane with step backs at floors 6 to 10. To further help transition and address the pedestrian interface on the westerly side (West 5th) a step back is introduced at the 6th floor. Further enhancements are made at grade by providing semi-private walkout patios that are flanked with piers and capped by balconies. This motif wraps on the southern elevations but is interrupted by the corner entry feature which contrasts the rough stone texture utilized on the first two floors. The stone is in reference to the town homes neighbouring the site to the north and commercial to the south.

From the 3rd floor to the 10th the building’s fa├žade is enhanced with EIFS ‘box’ frames with colour accents that will further help distinguish and provide an urban identity for the development. Large spans of glass and regimented fenestration help establish a rhythmic pattern of balconies and additional accents on the Westerly and South corner of the building provide colour and an animated grouping of offset vertical element that are the most prominent interface with the public row. The easterly and northern facades of building are muted and more formal in comparison the West 5th elevation and south elevation. However, the use of the stone texture and materiality is consistent around the entire perimeter of the building.

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