Industrial Projects
BEDC Lean, Green and Connected

Burlington manufacturers account for approximately 14,800 jobs and $2.3 billion in revenue. The BEDC wants to help manufacturers as they look to the future and convert their current manufacturing practices to meet future standards and efficiencies. The BEDC hopes to increase advanced manufacturing by 10 - 15% by 2020. We were enlisted by the Burlington Economic Development Corporation to complete a number of tasks in order to help them prepare a detailed report offering stakeholders (City Staff, Developers, Property Managers, Advanced Manufactures, etc.) ideas for Lean, Green and Connected designs. This report was developed in partnership with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and resulted in the development of three “Proto-type” projects involving both new construction as well as the possible retrofit of existing Burlington building stock. Some of the tasks related to this Study were as follows; Complete an inventory and review of Burlington’s existing building stock; Create a set of design standards to be used for start up businesses and those looking to expand, including technical drawings and specifications, graphic and photographic representations; Identify and recommend up to 10 key opportunities for future building development; Provide ideas for stakeholders to grow in a sustainable, energy efficient, and “green” manufacturing environment.

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