Royal Bank Financial Services Brantford

The Royal Bank Financial Group Building is located on a historic piece of property in Downtown Brantford, Ontario. The facility marks its place in history as a symbol of change, vision and co-operation. Addressing urban planning issues developed the architectural concept for the building and site. Respect for the historic context and fabric, understanding the need for a sense of place and community, accommodating urban street issues and sophisticated banking technology, was evaluated in detail and on many levels. The result of the collective efforts of user groups, architects and engineers, is a solution and response, by means of a building image and quality of space that simultaneously projects a calm, a forward and progressive outlook.

The siting of the building reinforces the existing urban edge along Colborne Street, and the tower structure not only serves as a visual “Terminus” when approached from Brant Avenue and Icomm Drive, but also signifies the “Gateway” to the Downtown when viewed from Lorne Bridge. Building massing, material selections, and architectural elements pay tribute to several significant civic buildings and landmarks, such as the Armory Building situated across Brant Street and the Federal Building on Dalhousie Street.

Integrating, landscape elements such as the existing triangular park at Brant Avenue and by developing Bridge Street as a hard surfaced walkway and courtyard, further enhances the civic quality of the project and contributes as a linkage to the Waterfront Development.

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